PO SB Report Tool for generating Account Opening and Closing Live in Finacle


CBS Account Opening and Closing Report Generation Tool in CBS Finacle Environment for Post Office. Office wise, BO Wise and Sub Division SB Report Generation Tool || Fincore Report Generation Tool v1.5 for Monitoring BO New Account/BO Activities

Added Features :

  • Office wise - Sub division wise SB Report Generation
  • Find the BO Accounts Opened at SO with Reference Number. In case of any discrepancies, the discrepancy can be generated.
  • BO New Account Discrepancies eMail to AO with one click.
  • Master data uploaded simplified.
  • Note: This Tool used to segregate the CBS figure which the report was generated in text format in Finacle using HACSP & RICT Report.

Features :

  • Using this tool year wise report can be generated.
  • This is can be used to generate SB report in Sub-division/ Office wise for daily/weekly/monthly//yearly
  • This tool can also be used to generate report for non credit BO New account in Finacle which was initiated in DARPAN Device
  • Automailer option is not working after migration of email account with NIC. Pl don't try


Use RunasDate Program to open the above Tool and set the date as 15/11/2020 after installation.

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