Online Inspector Posts Exam Coaching Class Notification No. 1 - dated 29.05.2024 - by Shri. P.Karunanithy, Retired SPOs

Online Inspector Posts Exam Coaching Class Notification No. 1 - dated 29.05.2024


Dear Friends / SAPOST Viewers,


We are sharing some guidelines for your information.


Proposed Inspector Posts Examination for the year 2024:-


As per calendar of examination for the year 2024 dated 16.04.2024, the tentative date of notification for the Inspector Posts examination will be released on 24.07.2024 and the IP examination will be held for the period from 21.09.2024 to 22.09.2024.


Proposed Online Inspector Posts Exam coaching class:-


It is proposed to conduct "Online Inspector Posts Exam Coaching Class" for 10 days from 03.08.2024 to 12.08.2024 (Saturday to next Monday). The candidates can attend the online coaching class by availing leave for the above period. The candidates are requested to apply leave well in advance.


Regarding Faculty of the Online coaching class:


The faculty of the coaching class contains two Retired Officers namely Shri. M. Bakthavatsalam, M.A., B.L., Retired SSPOs and Shri. P. Karunanithy, B.Sc.. Retired SPOs. Both are having a vast knowledge and experience in conducting various coaching classes for Inspector Post Examination, PS Group B Examination for past fifteen years. They have conducted AAO Coaching class in 2018 at Madurai in which 400 candidates attended. 370 candidates from our coaching class passed in the AAO examination. In recent AAO Examination, more than 50 candidates of our coaching class have passed in the examination out of 320 passed candidates.


Timing of the class: Each day class is divided into four periods as


(a) Period I                   0845-1045                   2 Hours


(b) Period II                 1100-1300                   2 Hours


(c) Period III                 1400-1545                   1.45 Hours


(d) Period III                1600-1745                   1.45 Hours       Total 7% hours per day


Online class will be conducted only in ENGLISH.


Online Inspector Posts Exam coaching class will be conducted for ten days with 7% hours per day. Total coaching class hours will be 10x7%-75 hours. It is not possible to cover all subjects within 75 hours. Hence the candidates are requested to read and prepare individually for the examination, some of the subjects which are easy and usually known to all candidates on account of their day-to-day discharge of the duties which are mentioned in the last paragraph of this notification,


Study materials:-


Sufficient study materials are available from Jeevajegan Publications. The candidates are requested to purchase the books and start the


preparation. Original postal Volumes and original texts are available and corresponding MCQ Guides are also available. Some additional study materials will be supplied during the coaching classes.


If the candidates are willing, they can purchase Swamy's Books. The Swamy's Books will be in addition to the Jeevajegen Publication books.


Doubts Clearance Programme:-


During the online coaching classes, only important points with reference to examination will be discussed. Generally during online coaching classes, "Question and Answer session" could not be possible due to the number of attendees. After completion of coaching classes, the candidates will have more than one month time. They can dear all their doubts during the period. All of your "Doubt clearing calls" will be attended as early as possible. They can send their doubts through WhatsApp messages. Replies will be given in WhatsApp messages or doubts will be cleared over phone calls. The candidates are requested to use these facilities. Nowadays nobody is available to clear the doubts regarding examination subjects and hence it is proposed to have a "Doubt Clearance Programme".


Fees structure:-


Total fees Rs. 5,000/-only (Rs. 500/- per day multiplied for 10 days) that may be remitted in the 3rd week of July 2024 by eMO. Particulars of money order addresses will be intimated later. The candidates are asked not to request for any other mode for remittance of fees.


How to join this online coaching class?


Prerequisite to join the session:


(1) You can join in ZOOM Meeting though the link to be provided by me via any smart phone or Laptop


(2) You have to send the following details through your WhatsApp to the cell 9384329681 (1) Name (ii) designation (iii) email ID


(3) All candidates are linked through WhatsApp group namely Online Inspector Posts Exam Coaching Class 2024.


Registration for the online coaching class:


The candidates are requested to send the above details for their registration to cell number 9384329681. Registration number is allotted with reference to WhatsApp mobile number and email id. Hence the candidates are requested not to change mobile number and email id. The candidates are requested to contact me only through that mobile for easy identification.


Provision of two DEMO CLASSES:-


Two Demo classes will be arranged on 14.07.2024 and 21.07.2024 (both Sundays) at 1600 to 1700 hours. Demo classes will be conducted only for checking Audio and Video clarity. All candidates are requested to attend two classes compulsorily. It will be very difficult to attend main class on 03.08.2024 without attending demo classes whoever not familiar with ZOOM meeting classes.


Subjects to be taken by Shri. M.Bakthavatsalam, Retired SSPOs






1. Indian Post Office Act

2. Government Savings Bank Act

3. Prevention of Money Laundering Act

4.Consumer Protection Act

5. Information Technology Act




1. RTI Act and RTI Rules




1. Postal Manual Volume III

2. CCS (Conduct Rules)

3. CCS (CCA) Rules

4. CCS (Temporary Service) Rules

5. Rules, 2020 5. GDS (Conduct and Engagement)

6. Brochure on Casual Labourers and instructions on Casual Labourer

7. Constitution of India

8. The Code of Civil Procedure

9. The Code of Criminal Procedure

10. Indian Evidence Act

11.Indian Penal Code

12. Instructions on maintenance of APAR.

13. The Central Administrative Tribunal Act

14. The Revenue Recovery Act

15. Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2013

16. The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1988





1. English Grammar                            2. Noting and Drafting



B. Subjects to be taken by Shri. P.Karunanithy, Retired SPOs




1. Schedule of Financial Powers of Divisional Heads, Heads of Circle, etc.

2. Fundamental Rules (FR) and Supplementary Rules (SR)

3. P&T FHB Volume I and Postal FHB Volume II

4. Rules relating CEA CGEGIS Rules

5. CCS (GPF) Rules

6. CS (Medical Attendance) Rules and CGHS Guidelines

7. New Pension Scheme, 2004 and its amendments

8. CCS Pension Rules, 1972 and CCS (Commutation of Pension) Rules

9. General Financial Rules, 2017

10. Service Discharge Benefit Scheme




1. Postal Manual Volume VIII


C. Subjects to be read by the candidates themselves






(1) Indian Post Office Rules, 1933 Schemes

(2) Rules for All Post Office Savings

(3) Book of BO Rules

(4) Jansuraksha Scheme


2. Guidelines/Instructions relating to Inland/Foreign Posts:


1. Post office Guide Part-1 and Part -II

2. Domestic/Foreign Post guidelines issued by Directorate


Mail Operations and Money Remittance:



(a) Postal Manual Volume V,

(b) Postal Manual Volume VI, Part-1- Part-II & Part III

(c) Postal Manual Volume VII

(d) Guidelines issued by Directorate on MNOP and PNOP


(e) Guidelines issued on Emo, Imo, IMTS, MMTS and IFS MO



1. POSB (CBS) Manual read with SB orders


2. Guidelines issued on PLI/RPLI and Core Insurance Solution


3. Annual Reports and Book of information of Dop


4. IT Modernization Project 2012 and Its update


5. Working knowledge on CBS, PLI-CIS, CSI and DARPAN.


6. India Post Payments Bank 7. Swachh Bharat


B. Preservation and disposal of Postel Records




1. Welfare measures available to Departmental Employees and GDS

2. Postal Manual Volume II

3. Postal Manual Volume IV




1 Economy and Polity, Sports, Culture & Science)

2. Reasoning, Interpersonal Skills, Mental Aptitude, Intelligence and Ethics



Shri. M.Bakthavatsalam, Retired SSPOs Cell No : 6374660172

Shri. P. Karunanithy, B.Sc.. Retired SPOs  Cell No : 9384329681

Please Visit for more details : https://www.saposts.com/



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