Implementation of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System [AEBAS] – Points/Difficulties Clarification/ Action Points

Implementation of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System [AEBAS] – Points/Difficulties Clarification/ Action Points: PCDA (Army), Chandigarh.

Govt. of India, Ministry of Defence,
Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Army),
Chandigarh -160009,Phone No. 0172-2741612

Urgent Circular
[Through Website]

No. IT&S/1353/Bio-metric

Dated: 08/01/2024


The Officer Incharge(s),
All Section of Main Offices
All Sub Offices

Sub:- Implementation of Aadhar Enabled Biometric Attendance System [AEBAS]

With reference to the subject cited above, the issues highlighted by sub offices regarding AEBAS (Aadhaar Enabled Biometric attendance system) have been analyzed by this office and it has been observed that field offices are facing the following issues, against which clarification/action points are here under: –

S No


Clarification/ Action Points


AEBAS device is not working

Reasons for non-functioning of the Biometric Machines are not provided by Sub Offices, simply it has been mentioned — that machine/device is not working:

Reasons for the same may be:

a) RD Services for bio-metric machines may have been expired, that may be got renewed online from the maker of the machine by paying annual fees. The fee so applicable may be paid from Imprest with the respective offices or personally and reimbursed later on.

b) Latest software of AEBAS not available with the sub offices, that may be downloaded from the website https://pcdacdg.attendnace.gov.in or IT&S section of this office may be liaised with.

c) If the machine is physically damaged, demand for new machine be sent to IT&S section of this office.


AEBAS device is not available

All the field/sub offices have been issued biometric machines earlier. Advised to trace the same in your office and CRVs may also be checked accordingly.

Even then, if the machine is not traced demand for the same may be floated to IT&S Section of this office.


Non-availability of internet

This may be local problem of BSNL or Internet Service Provider; the same may be sorted out locally by liaising with them.

If Internet connection is not available in the office, AN-XI of this office may be liaised with accordingly.


Battery backup of device is not working

Area Accounts Office, Jalandhar & PAO (Ors) 14 GTC Subathu is advised to get the machines repaired locally, if feasible.


New Biometric Attendance machines may be procured through GeM with the funds placed at their disposal.


AEBAS Device needs to be re-activated

Renewal of RD Services may be required or latest AEBAS software need to be downloaded. Action may be taken as mentioned against Sr. No. 1 above.


Registration of new recruits in AEBAS

There is provision of self registration of the officials on the website https://pcdacdg.attendance.gov.in. All newly recruits/officials may be advised to register themselves on “Employee Self Registration” on the ibid website.
Approval of new registrations will be done by administrator thereafter, in this office accordingly.

The requisition of new AEBAS devices may be forwarded to this section and for new internet connection to AN-MAP at the earliest possible, not later than 12th January.

(Rajiv Sood)
Dy. CDA (IT&S)



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