Bulk GL Posting Tool V 2.5 (New option added for accounting GST on Default Fee)

This tool can be used for bulk GL posting in SAP using ZBF07. It can convert McCamish report in Excel format to a text file that can be used to bulk GL posting.

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Version History:

Ver -

  1. New option added for accounting GST on Default Fee in Upload menu.
  •  Any Spreadsheet software
  •  Any Browser

Tools from the Developer SRJ

SO Slip Tool

Head Post Offices can use this tool to create SO Slips.

IPO Returns Tool

This tool can prepare the monthly IPO returns data from the data exported from SAP (FAGLL03).

PLI Pay Recovery CSV Creator Tool

This tool will help you to create the CSV file for uploading PLI/RPLI Pay Recovery data to McCamish. GST figures will get rounded to meet the new requirement.


Post Tools Android App: PLI/RPLI Premium Calculator with GL/Material Code Searcher

Download Post Tools App, which consists of PLI/RPLI Premium Calculator and Tool for searching GL accounts and Material Codes. Available on Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.posttools.plipremiumcalc

SGB COH Search Tool

This Tool will help you sort out SGB COH for your HO.

CPC Disbursement Register Tool

This tool can be used to maintain Disbursement/Dispatch details i/c/w CPC. Automatic backup system added to prevent any potential data loss.

SP Incentive Bill Generator

You can generate an incentive bill for booking Speed Post articles easily with this tool. Import data from PoS Back Office (Consolidated Report under the Reports menu exported as excel file) and upload to this tool in Upload Menu and generate bill from Generate Menu.

GL Code Finder

This easy tool for searching CSI GL codes will enable you to easily search all the CSI GL codes. You can copy GL code by double clicking on a row after search results are displayed. There is also provision for making GL codes, your favourite so that you can access them later easily.

PLI Checker Lite

Tool for comparing PLI/RPLI figures accounted for in SAP with premium collected in Mccamish. This tool can generate detailed and consolidated comparison reports along with error extracts if any differences are detected. So you can easily find out delinquent offices and ask them to make necessary corrections quickly.

TDS Monk Elite

26Q TDS Accounting Utility for CSI Head POs with Online PAN verification, RPU File Generation, Comparison, Quarterly Consolidation etc. Detailed instructions included.

PoS Bulk File Generator

This tool can be used to process bulk articles and create Excel files to be uploaded in CSI POS. It is designed in such a way to make faster data entry with ease. With this tool COD, BNPL, Prepaid Bulk with PS or SS or FM bulk articles can be processed on a batch by batch basis.

PAN Verification Tool

This tool can be used to verify PANs while filing TDS returns. It's very easy to use, simple, faster and effective. Instructions included.

Live Account Statement Tool

Tool for SBCO to consolidate Live Accounts Statement Annexure-V(i) received from CBS CPC. Product-wise, Scheme-wise and Office-wise reports can be generated.

Bulk GL Posting Tool

This tool can be used for bulk GL posting in SAP using ZBF07. It can convert McCamish reports in Excel format to text files that can be used to bulk GL posting.

Clearing Account Checker

This tool can be used for date-wise balance checking of clearing accounts like VP Clearing Account(4200030002), MO Postman Issue(4200020009) and more

High Value Withdrawal Memo Tool

This tool can prepare High Value Withdrawal Memos automatically with the data downloaded from Finacle in Excel format.

Barcode Label Generator

This tool can prepare high quality Code-128 Barcode Labels. You can change the column names or remove them or add new columns as per your requirement. Column names will be printed on top of the barcode.

Payslip Mailer

DDOs can import consolidated Payslip from SAP and send it to employees via email using this tool.

eMO Returns Tool

This tool can prepare the monthly eMO returns data from the data exported from SAP (FAGLL03). Please use Clearing Account Checker to verify, that there are no differences in the account MO Postman Issue (4200020009). If there are any differences in the MO Postman Issue account, there is a good chance that the eMO paid/COD/VP figures are not yet properly reflected under their respective accounts.

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