GDS Strike 2023 - Department to initiate Disciplinary action as per Rule 8 & Rule-23 of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2020

Department of Posts, India
Office of the Chief Postmaster General, Odisha Circle -751001

No. Inv/30-11/Misc/2023 Dated at Bhubaneswar the 13.12.2023


All Divisional Heads of Odisha Circle
AD, Sambalpur Region/ Berhampur Region

Sub: Regarding indefinite strike from 12.12.2023 by AIGDSU and NUGDS (GDS PJCA)

It is reported by all the units in the circle that newly joined GDSs (within 3 years of service from the date of their engagement) have participated in the strike and obstructing in conveyance of mails and postal business.

Rule-23 of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2020 is as follows;

No Sevak shall resort to or abet any form of strike, coercion or physical duress in connection with any matter pertaining to his conditions of engagement or the engagement of any other Sevak."

Further Rule-8 of GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2020 speaks about termination of engagement.

In view of the above rule position which is clear and specific in nature, the newly recruited GDSs those who have not completed three years of service and not joining their duty by today evening i.e. 13.12.2023 or morning hours of 14.12.2023, show-cause notice under Rule-8 of GDS conduct & engagement rules, 2020 be issued by 12:00 hours of 14.12.2023. An excel sheet is attached herewith which is required to be updated by Divisional Offices and submitted to this office by tomorrow.

This is extremely URGENT.

Assistant Postmaster General (Inv),
O/o- the Chief Postmaster General, 
Odisha Circle, Bhubaneswar-751001

Read :

GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2020

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