Vision, Mission, Core Values & Strategic Goals of India Post

Vision, Mission, Core Values & Strategic Goals of India Post



  • India Post's products and services will be the customer's first choice.​


  •     To sustain its position as the largest postal network in the world touching the lives of every citizen in the country.
  •     To provide mail parcel, money transfer, banking, insurance and retail services with speed and reliability.
  •     To provide services to the customers on value-for-money basis.
  •     To ensure that the employees are proud to be its main strength and serve its customers with a human touch.​
  •     To continue to deliver social security services and to enable last mile connectivity as a Government of India platform.​

​ ​
Core V​alues​

We will maintain our iconic status as a unique and trusted national institution by:​

  •     Always providing the human touch in all our interactions with society
  •     Being responsive and reliable
  •     Demonstrating the highest order of integrity, honesty, transparency and professionalism
  •     Discharging our responsibilities towards the society in an environment of deep trust, mutual respect and a culture of service before self

​ ​
Strategic Goals​

  •     Achieve the long term goal of financial self-sufficiency by generating surpluses from services (existing & new) outside our universal service obligation
  •     Develop, implement and operate a system of standards with accountability for performance
  •     Develop a scalable and flexible technology infrastructure to support our operations
  •     Be the preferred, trusted and reliable service partner for all customers
  •     Ensure that India Post acquires all required people capabilities to deliver its chosen services portfolio
  •     Be the interface between citizens and the government​


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