About Our Postal Depatments (Q & A)

Q Who was the first communication minister ? .
ans. Late shri rafiahmad kidwai.

Q.who is the minister of communication at present.
ans .sri A. Raja.

Q. Who was the 1st (dgp&t) director general post&telegraph after independent india?
ans. Shri .krishna prasad (15.10.1947 to 1.8.1953)

Q.who was the 1st (D.G.posts)
ans.shri.k.r.murthy(31.1.1985 to 28.02.1987)

Q.who is the D.G.posts at present?
ans . Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy

Q.who was the 1st first women d.g.(posts)?
ans . Smt .padma balasubramaniam. (4.3.2003 to 30.11.2003).

Q.when and whom was the first regular postal service introduced in india ?
ans. In the year 1766 by robert clive.

Q. When was the modern potal system originated and by whom.
ans . In 1837 east india company.

Q.whenwas the postal department organizedunder an act in india?
ans . 1.10.1854

Q.when was the universal postal union established?
ans. In the year 1874.

Q.when did india become the member of universal postal union?
ans.in the year 1876

Q.when was the postal life insurance (pli) introduced.
ans. In the year 1884

Q.whenwas the rural postal life insurance (rpli)introduced ?
ans . 24th march 1995.

Q.when were the following services introduced.?
(a) V.P.P. 1877
(b) ack due 1877
(c) M.O 1880
(d) S.B 1882
(e) Ins letter& parcel. 1878
(f) IPO 1935
(g) speed post 1986
(h) speed post mo 1988

Q when Post cards introduced ?
(a) post card 1879
(b) reply post card 1884
(c) service post card 1880
(d) airmail post card 1931
(e) business reply 1932
(f) post independent era 1947
(g) centenary post card 1979
(h) pictorial post card 1936
(i) competition post card 1997
(j) meghdoot post card 2002

Q. When & where first sorting of RMS established
ans. In the year 1863 between allahabad and kanpur .

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