Sunday, October 15, 2023

About India Post Logo


Our new Logo created by Ogilvy and Mather unveiled on 23-09-2008 has now replaced the old Logo (created by Shudarshan Dheer) everywhere. I have observed that in many cases,our friends are copying the Logo image from the Indiapost website along with oval shape outline, and in many cases, the fonts are replaced by some other fonts.

We must be aware that the Logo should not be mutilated. Changing the fonts also becomes mutilation. Since it is a Logo,we have no choice to put other fonts for India Post and भारतीय डाक

When the Logo is to be used for word documents which will be printed in black and white, the color logo will not give good results. Converting the Colour Logo to Gray shade image will also make it lighter.

Here, I have pooled both colour and black&white Logos. For word documents and web documents, these are OK. For press-printing purpose,Tiff image with 300 DPI is given. If you want to add Logo to any image or page, Photoshop images also included.


Author: verified_user