MASTER GUIDE (PDF) -"Better You Know" series for 2024 Exams, By V.K.Balan Retd SSP(STS)


MASTER GUIDE (PDF) -"Better You Know" series for 2024 Exams, By V.K.Balan Retd SSP(STS) 

The following Master guides ae available with us for supply on demand;

1)  LDCE for the post of Postal Service Group “B” (Supdt of post offices);2022-23 -24( soft copy -PDF/words) ENGLISH VERSION -  NO printed Books. Price Rs 2500/-  ( up to 31.5.24) will be sent by e -mail...Please credit the full amount to collect the PDF/words ..Also more  Extra materials  will be supplied  ( FREE  ) to aspirants (by eMail)up to Exam date  to cover the syllabus .

 Examination date announced  on 27-10-2024 

2) Other Guides available are :
Master guide to LDCE 3 in One )2021-22  (printed book in ENGLISH VERSION- covering Mathematics & English applicable to all exam )   -  and -   In addition - PDF/Words soft copy- 2024 (Extra materials up to  date ( now available to  31.5.24) total  Price Rs. 1200/-  for any guide-  for the post of-  
i)GDS to MTS, & GDS/MTS to Postman/Mail Guard, -( combined,)
ii)LGOs to PA/SA    -
Exam Date=  25.8.2024  -Time is very short.
3)   Master guide to LDCE for the post of Inspector Posts. 2024- PDF/Word(soft copy only) -ENGLISH VERSION -In addition Extra  materials corrected up to date (now up to 31.5.2024) also  be supplied , to cover the syllabus for 2024 Exam. Cost Rs 4000/-only. (Printed guides 2021-22 will be supplied (FREE till stock exists)" on demand "if Postage + GST (Rs 150/-) is credited (total 4150/-) by Regd parcel.
Date of Exam = 21/22-9-2024.
Please credit full amount by  PayTm  or google payment on Mob No 9947414885, Or Account Number;  or IPPB- 025710035324,   (Balan V.K.) or  SIB 0893053000001805    -  IFSC SIBL 0000893. (Rakesh Kumar .B)

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