Post Office SAP Application over public network access restored

 SAP Application for Post Office now available in Public Network. In recent past, the public network access of SAP application has been restricted and now it has been restored. The accessing of SAP application over public network i.e other than SIFY network such as Mobile, Broad Band etc., has been restored on 18/06/2024.

SAP is not accessible over mobile or broad band network for the past few week due to DNS Problem and it has been resolved by the concerned Team.

The following direct URL for accessing SAP application through mobile network


here we can use Tcode at the end of Transaction=

i.e. in case of use of Tcode ZFI_CASHBAL we may enter like 


The above URL is a direct URL for accessing DOP Cash Opening and Closing balances in SAP. likewise we may change TCode as we need.

Post Office Employee Portal is also now accessible through public network


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