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Contribution to New Pension Scheme from 01.04.2019:

Contribution from Government servant is 10% of Pay +DA

Contribution from Government is 14% of Pay +Da




NPS Withdrawals
NPS withdrawal is allowed but only after three years from the date of joining.


2.  Subscribers are permitted to withdraw not exceeding 25% of the contributions made only by subscriber.

3. The subscribers are allowed for partial withdrawal for the higher education of children, marriage of children, construction /purchase of flat (having no house previously) and for medical treatment for subscriber, spouse, children and dependent parents.

4. Maximum of 3 withdrawals during the entire tenure are allowed.5. Minimum gap of 5 years is required between the two withdrawals. However, this condition is relaxed for treatment of specified illness.


1.  CRA means: Central Record keeping Agency

     PFM ,means  Pension Fund Managers         

     Defer means the postponement of claim for receiving benefits   

                       admissible to the subscriber upon exit  from NPS.


2. At superannuation: minimum 40% -Annuity & 60 % Home taken

    Before At superannuation: minimum 80% -Annuity & 20 % Home taken

3. The subscriber can opt for any type of Annuity Service Provider.

4. After purchase of Annuity, balance amount can be deferred up to 70 years provided he should intimate the Authority 15 days before superannuation.

5. Purchase of annuity can be deferred for maximum 3 years from superannuation  provided he should intimate the Authority 15 days before superannuation. During these three years, the subscriber dies, the spouse should purchase annunity which provides pension.

6. A subscriber to NPS will have the option to withdraw the entire accumulated pension wealth without purchasing any annuity on superannuation, if the accumulated pension wealth of the subscriber is equal to or less than Rs. Two lakh.

7.  (i) A subscriber can continue his Tier I account even after closure of Tier II account  (ii)   Tier II account  shall stand automatically closed at the time of exit from National Pension System. A subscriber cannot continue his Tier II account after closure of Tier I account.


Service Discharge Benefit Scheme, 2011 for GDS

1. This scheme shall utilize the platform of NPS-Lite Scheme.

2. On attaining the age of normal discharge

                             Minimum 40% -Annuity &  60 % Home taken

3. On attaining the age of 58 years

                             Minimum 80% -Annuity &  20 % Home taken

4. Resignation before normal exit,

                             Minimum 85% -Annuity & 15 % Home taken






Financial assistance provided to Departmental Employees from the Welfare Fund in case of death due to attack by terrorist activity / robbers while on duty

Rs. 75,000/-

Financial assistance provided to Departmental Employees from the Welfare Fund in case of death due to attack by robbers while not on duty

Rs. 15,000/-

Financial Assistance in case of death of Postal employee

Rs. 10,000/-

Financial Assistance in case of death of Postal employee while on duty due to accidents

Rs. 15,000/-

Financial Assistance in case of natural calamities, fire and floods


Financial Assistance in case of prolonged and serious illness ,  major surgeries for Postal employee (Head of Circles from Circle Welfare Fund under discretionary power)



Opening and running of Creches:-


(1) The objective of the scheme is to take assistance of the Postal Ladies Organisations to organize good quality, safe and convenient child care services for the children of employees of Department of Posts if possible for children for other Government Organizations.


2. Creches are to be developed to provide group day-care facilities for children from 6 months to 10 years including first-aid, sleeping and recreation facilities.


3. Creches should be operated on no profit and no loss basis. A non-recurring grant of Rs. 60,000/-will be provided to Postal Woman Organization  from Central Welfare Fund through Heads of Circle for starting a creche  with all facilities.


4. A recurring grant of Rs. 1,500/- per child per month subject to a maximum  grant of Rs. 38,000/- per month for each crèche will also be provided from Circle Welfare Fund.



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