HAFI - Audit File Inquiry Overview in DOP Finacle


Audit File Inquiry in Finacle - HAFI

 This menu is used for audit inquiry for Supervisors and SBCO
but anyone can access this menu now.

In order to perform the EOD this menu is the precautionary  step to check whether all the modifications and closures done by the tellers are verified or not.


Invoke the menu HAFI give the details Entered by field as "teller user name" and Select authorized status as "not authorized" as follows



Then click on Go then the in the next page you can find the no of transactions pending for authorization


In the above one can find the function column which shows "Z" it means closure is pending for authorization


  • If the function column shows "A" then verification pending for open an account
  • If the function shows "M" then modification of an account is pending for authorization.  


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