Refund of TDS procedure in finacle - Step by step

1.Invoke HRFTDS menu
2.Enter Report To - PM
3.Enter Refund CIF ID - SCSS A/C CIF ID
4.Enter From A/C ID
5.To A/C ID will appear automatically
6.Select Tran. Type - Transfer
7.Click on GO(F4)
8.Select the concerned month.
9.Click on Add each time for multiple months selection.
10.Enter Refund A/C ID for each selection
a) SOLID+0340 for cheque
b) Customer's SB A/C ID for SB Transfer
11.Click on SUBMIT(F10)
  • Note that there is no verification for refund of TDS done for SCSS account.
Note 1:
Follow the above procedure only if the TDS is not account far (Not uploaded to IT department).If already uploaded, then issue 16A form but don't refund the amount.

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