Procedure for dealing of discharge of Non available KVP/NSC Certificate as per SB Order 18/2023

SB Order No.18/2023

SOP-Non Migrated Certificates/ Accounts
Annexure to SB Order No. 18/2023

is recommended, Divisional Head shall issue sanction order for payment of the account / certificate.

(b). In case of certificates (KVP/NSC) issued before 01.07.2016, Divisional Head/Head of Class-I HO shall examine the cases received from Head Postmaster / APM/DPM and consult the register of transfer of certificates to ensure that the certificate(s) is not transferred out or paid in the office other than office of issue. If the original application for purchase of certificates is not available in the office of issue, NO-DISCHARGE Certificate may be obtained from Postal Account Office. After confirming the live status of the certificates and amount payable, the Divisional Head shall issue sanction order for payment.


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