Action taken for "Absence without permission" ? | Glimpses of Rule: 529 - Postal Manual volume III

 Postal Manual Volume III - Chapter 1 - Rule 62:-

Action taken for "Absence without permission":-
Date: 18.02.2024

Whenever an official continues to remain absent from duty, overstays leave without permission and his movements are not known or he fails to reply to official communications, the disciplinary authority may initiate action under Rule 14 of the CCS (CCA) Rules, 1965.

In all such cases, the competent authority should, by a registered A.D. letter addressed to the official at his last known address, issue a charge sheet in the form prescribed for the purpose and call upon the official to submit a written statement of defence within a reasonable period to be specified by that authority.

If the letter is received undelivered or if the letter having been delivered, the official does not submit a written statement of defence on or before the specified date or at a subsequent stage does not appear in person before the Enquiry Officer, or otherwise fails or refuses to comply with the provisions of CCS (CCA) Rules, the enquiring authority may hold an ex parte enquiry...

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