Equal Pensions for All: Ending Discrimination against Pre-2006 Retirees BPS 68th AGM resolution

Equal Pensions for All: Ending Discrimination against Pre-2006 Retirees BPS 68th AGM resolution No 10

(All India Federation of Pensioners Associations)

No BPS/SG/ AGM/Reso/10

Dated: 05.01.2024


Dr. Jitendera Singh
Honourable Minister of State (Independent Charge)
for Prime Minister’s Office; Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
for the Ministry of Science and Technology,
Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space

2.The Secretary,
GOI M/O Personnel, AR,PG & Pensions

3. The Secretary,
DOE-M/O Finance

Subject: Equal Pensions for All: Ending Discrimination against Pre-2006 Retirees BPS 68th AGM resolution No 10.

Reference: F No 38/37/08-P&PW(A)Dated 1/9/2008 &even No of 2/09/2008


Pensioners play a vital role in our society, having dedicated their lives to public service. Yet, a concerning disparity exists within the pension system, unfairly impacting those who retired before 2006. This representation sheds light on this discrimination and the urgent need for its rectification.

The Constitution of India, the bedrock of our nation, guarantees fundamental rights to all citizens, including an inherent right to equality enshrined in Article 14. This extends to every sphere of life, including government policies like pension schemes. However, the Department of Personnel and Pensions (DoPP& PW) has implemented two distinct formulas for the 6th Central Pay Commission (CPC) recommendations: one for pre-2006 and another for post-2006 retirees. This creates a stark divide, resulting in significantly lower pension amounts for pre-2006 pensioners and their families.

This policy discrepancy stands in stark violation of the constitutional principle of equality & the Law laid down by the Supreme Court vide their judgment in the case D.S.Nakara VS UOI {Reported in 1983)1SCC305}. All pensioners, irrespective of their retirement date, belong to a single class— individuals who served the nation with dedication and deserve fair treatment. Distributing pensions based on an arbitrary cut-off date is not only discriminatory but also erodes trust in the fairness of the system.

This blatant disparity has caused immense hardship for pre-2006 pensioners. Their fixed incomes, already insufficient amidst rising costs of living, are further strained by the lower pension received compared to their post-2006 counterparts. This injustice impacts not only the pensioners themselves but also their families, who depend on their meager pension income for basic necessities.

The 68th Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) of the prominent organization Bharat Pensioners Samaj has rightly raised its voice against this discriminatory practice. Their demand for immediate rectification of the Situation is a call for justice and adherence to the fundamental principles of our Constitution.

Moving forward, the DOP&PW must take swift action to eliminate this discriminatory policy. Implementing a uniform formula for all pensioners, based on the accepted recommendations of the 6th CPC, is the only way to ensure fairness and uphold the constitutional right to equality. This will alleviate the financial burden on pre-2006 pensioners and restore their faith in the system.

In conclusion, the ongoing discrimination against pre-2006 retirees cannot be tolerated any longer. Their equal right to dignity and financial security must be recognized and acted upon. We urge the government to acknowledge this injustice and implement immediate measures to ensure an equitable pension system for all, upholding the constitutional spirit of equality and respecting the contributions of all our dedicated public servants.

Thanking you

With regards

Truly yours,

Secretary General


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