Uniform Application of CCS Pension Rules 2021 – Ensuring Fair Treatment for Sibling Family Pensioners : Bharat Pensioners Samaj

Uniform Application of CCS Pension Rules 2021 – Ensuring Fair Treatment for Sibling Family Pensioners: Resolution No.13 68th BPS AGM

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Dr. Jitendera Singh
Honourable Minister of State (Independent Charge)
for Prime Minister’s Office; Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
for the Ministry of Science and Technology,
Department of Atomic Energy and Department of Space

2.The Secy,
GOI M/O Personnel, AR,PG & Pensions

3. The Secy,
DOE-M/O Finance

4 Secretary,
GOI M/O Personnel, ,PG & Pensions- DOPT

Subject: Resolution No13 68th BPS AGM- Uniform Application of CCS Pension Rules 2021: Ensuring Fair Treatment for Sibling Family Pensioners


Resolution No13:-CCS Pension Rules 2021 should apply to all ministries/Departments &disciplines uniformly. DOP &PW should issue to all Central govt. Ministries & Departments Consolidated guidelines with timeline& penalty clause in the case of family pension to siblings. The DOP&PW should instruct all the Ministries/ Departments of the Central Government to be proactive, reach out to the family pensioners especially the eligible siblings and also assist them in claiming family pension instead of harassing them.

The Central Civil Services (Pension) Rules 2021, hereinafter referred to as CCS Pension Rules 2021, are a comprehensive set of guidelines governing pension schemes for employees of the Central Government of India. While these rules aim to provide clarity and fairness in pension-related matters, there is a need for uniform application across all ministries and departments to ensure consistency and equity. BPS advocates for the uniform application of CCS Pension Rules 2021 to all ministries and departments and emphasizes the importance of creating consolidated guidelines, timelines, and penalty clauses for the sanction and disbursement of family pensions to eligible siblings.

Currently, the implementation of pension rules varies among ministries and departments of the Central Government. For example, these rules are not adopted by the Ministry of Railways. This lack of uniformity is resulting in confusion and inequity for government employees and their families. To address this issue, the Department of Personnel and Training (DoP&T) and the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances, and Pensions should issue clear instructions to all Central Government ministries and departments, mandating the uniform application of CCS Pension Rules 2021. This will ensure that all government employees receive the same benefits and treatment under the pension scheme, regardless of their department or discipline.

Consolidated Guidelines with Timelines

To facilitate the consistent implementation of CCS Pension Rules 2021, the DoP&T and DOP&PW should create consolidated guidelines that outline the procedures for pension sanction and disbursement, including, family pensions to eligible siblings. These guidelines should include:

  1. Clear eligibility criteria for siblings to receive family pension.
  2. The documentation required to establish eligibility.
  3. Timelines for processing pension applications and disbursing payments.
  4. Provisions for addressing grievances and appeals.

The creation of these consolidated guidelines will not only enhance transparency but also simplify the process for both government employees and pension disbursing authorities.

Penalty Clause for Non-Compliance

To ensure accountability and adherence to the prescribed guidelines, a penalty clause should be incorporated into the CCS Pension Rules 2021. This clause should specify penalties for ministries and departments that fail to comply with the uniform application of the rules and the timely sanction and disbursement of pensions, including family pensions. Penalties may include fines, disciplinary actions, or other measures to enforce compliance. This will serve as a deterrent to non-compliance and emphasize the importance of uniformity and efficiency in pension management.

In addition to ensuring uniformity in the application of pension rules, the DoP&T and DOP&PW should instruct all ministries and departments of the Central Government to proactively reach out to family pensioners, especially eligible siblings. Harassment and delays in processing pension claims can be emotionally and financially distressing for families already coping with the loss of a loved one. Ministries and departments should offer assistance and support to family pensioners throughout the application process, making it a more accessible and compassionate experience.

The uniform application of CCS Pension Rules 2021 across all ministries and departments of the Central Government is crucial for promoting fairness and equity in pension-related matters. By creating consolidated guidelines with clear timelines and penalty clauses and by actively assisting family pensioners, the government can ensure that its employees and their families are treated with dignity and respect during their retirement years. This approach aligns with the principles of good governance and serves as a testament to the government’s commitment to the welfare of its citizens.

In light of the above narration, This 68th AGM of Bharat Pensioners Samaj rightly expects positive action in accepting the above resolution No13.

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Secy. General BPS


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