Proper filling of KYC forms and uneven size of KYC forms

The CPC has intimated that the KYC forms received from HOs for scanning are in uneven size and also in poor quality which cause difficulty in scanning and damage the scanner. In this regard, CPC has instructed the following.

1. Procure KYC forms uniformly in A4 size paper with minimum of 70 GSM for smooth scanning.

2. KYC forms being submitted by HOs for scanning are receiving with so many omissions. Hence, list of omissions are attached to ensure proper filing of KYC.


Receiving KYC Forms at CPC from HO and SO level with the following Omissions/Discrepancies

1. Non noting of Guarding CIF and Guardian Photo, in case of minor accounts

2. Overwriting of CIFs and Account ID

3. Non noting CIF or Account ID or both

4. Non availability of Signature or photo of Depositor

5. Impressing of stamp and signature of SPM/APM/PM on the face portion of depositor's photo

6. Use of Stapler pin for affixing the photo in KYCs.

7. Non putting of SPM/APM signature, date stamp and office name stamp

8. Unclear impression of date stamp

9.Sending of KYC forms for which, photo and signature is latest and is already updated in Finacle (can be checked in IES menu) 

10. Sending the copy of the ID proof and address proof of the depositors

11. Accepting Signature using Capital Letter Form.

12. Writing the Account ID and CIF ID in Running Letters.

13. Mentioning Multiple Account Numbers in a Single KYC Form.

14. Not Affixing Individual Photos for Joint Accounts.

15. Writing the Name of the Depositor in Signature Column.

16. Sending Multiple KYC Forms of Guardian whom has Guardian for more Minor Accounts.

17. Affixing Selfie photos.

18. Not Mentioning the CIF IDs belongs to Guardian or Minor in case of Minor Accounts.

19. Not Writing the CIF IDs for all the Joint holders in the respective columns.

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