One Postal Division per revenue district - DG Postal Service letter dated 26/10/2023


ALOK SHARMA आलोक शर्मा
Director General Postal Services महानिदेशक डाक सेवाएं

D. O. No. Q-25/15/2023-PE-I-DOP
Dated 26th October 2023
As you are aware, today a Post Office besides providing traditional mail services, is also acting as a prominent agency of the Government promoting financial inclusion as well as providing various Central and State Government services to the people of the country. In this enlarged role of Post Office, the Head of a Postal Division is required to coordinate a number of activities with local District Authority(s). In this scenario, it is imperative that the jurisdiction of a Postal Division is aligned with the boundaries of revenue district(s).

2. It has, however, been observed that in a large number of cases across the Circles, one revenue district is served by more than one Postal Division. There is, therefore, a need to rationalize the jurisdiction of such Postal Divisions.

3. In view of above, I would request you to review such Postal Divisions in your Circle and rationalize their jurisdiction, so as to ensure that their jurisdiction corresponds with one or more revenue districts, in full and not in parts. This exercise be carried out expeditiously and the jurisdiction so revised of such Postal Divisions be made effective from 01.01.2024.

4.Compliance Report in the format enclosed be submitted to me in the first week of January 2024.

encl.: as above.
with regards,
Yours sincerely..

(Alok Sharma



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