Mahila Samman Savings Certificate (MSSC) - Post Office Savings Scheme

 Mahila Samman Savings Certificate  (MSSC)

Who can open
  • By a women for herself.
  • By the guardian for behalf of a minor girl.


  • Minimum of rupees 1000 and in multiple of rupees 1000.
  • Maximum limit of rupees 200000 (2 lakhs) in an account or all account hold by an account holder.
  • A time gap of 3 months shall be maintained between the existing account and the opening  of other account.


  • Deposit shall be eligible for 7.5 % Interest per annum.(Current FY 2023 -24)
  • Interest will be compounded  quarterly and credited in account and paid at the time of closure of account.
  • Account  opened or deposit made in contravention  of rules will be eligible for interest @ Post Office Savings account (POSA).


  • 40 % withdrawal of eligible balance can be taken after 1 year from the date of account opening.

Pre-mature Closure

 > On the death of the account holder.

 > On extreme compassionate ground

  • Life threatening decease of account holder. 
  • Death of the guardian on production of relevant documents.
  • Note: scheme interest will be paid on principal amount .
  • After 6 months of account opening without  mention of any reason
  • Note: Scheme interest less by 2 % will be paid (e.g 5.5 %)


  • After 2 years from the date opening eligible balance will be paid to the depositor.

How to open account:

  • Submit Account Opening Form,KYC Document (Aadhaar and PAN Card), KYC Form for new account holder,Pay-in-Slip along with deposit amount /cheque at near Post Office. 

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