GDS : Regarding provision of substitute arrangement as per prescribed rules - Bihar Circle dtd.15/12/2023

Directorate proposed to send proposals from Circles in connection with poor manning of services in BOs and non-achieving targets

भारतीय डाक विभाग
कार्यालय: चीफपोस्टमास्टरजनरल, बिहार सर्किल, पटना- 800001.
 O/o the Cheif Postmaster General, Bihar Circle, Patna - 800 001.

1. The PMG, North Region, Muzaffarpur,
2. The PMG, East Region, Bhagalpur,
3. All the SSPOS/SPOS under Central Region,

No. Estt./GDS/Officiating/2022/Dlgs Dated: 1.12.2023.
Sub: Regarding provision of substitute arrangement as per prescribed rules.
Kind reference is invited towards Directorate letter no. 17-31/2016-GDS dated 11.02.2022 & 21.03.2022 on the above subject matter.

In the VC with Secretary (Post) on 05/12/2023, working of Post offices has been reviewed as well as opening of POS, operationalization of IPPB in all the BOS, rolling out of DARPAN 2.0 and other technical & delivery issues and proper manning of Post offices for effective & efficient delivery of services were discussed.

This has become as a very important subject especially for Banking to all for financial inclusion and the same is being reviewed continuously from highest quarter. During the said VC, the issue of manpower was flagged by Circles and Directorate has instructed for manning the Post offices (BOS) as per rule without further delay. It was observed that non-manning is coming in the way of financial inclusion and the same needs to be addressed immediately. Similarly rolling out of DARPAN, IPPB, Mobile App, CSC etc are being affected very badly. In recent account opening drive also, this was clearly visible and contribution of BOS came down drastically. RPLI mobilization is also badly and very adversely being affected. This issue is raised in all interactions with union at all levels and given as the main reason for non-achievement of target etc. Proper manning of Post offices (BOS) has been further reiterated in Directorate letter no. 30- 37/2023-D dated 12.12.2023 as well.

In this context, it is instructed to send proposal to the competent authorities immediately as per rules/instructions on the cited subject through proper channel for consideration and approval. If need be clarification may be sought henceforth and if required get the approval from this office as per rules & instructions on the instant subject.

This issued with the approval of the CPMG, Bihar Circle.

Assista Director (Estt) 
O/o the Chief Postmaster General, 
Bihar Circle, Patna-800 001.
Copy to :-
1. All the SSPOS/SPOS under North/East Region for necessary action.
Assistanrector (Est)

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