New Features and Changes in Point of Sale (POS) Version 4.9 - Release dtd 27/09/2023

In the latest release of the Point of Sale (POS) software, version 4.9, several exciting features, and changes have been introduced to enhance the user experience and streamline postal operations. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's new in this version:  - Release dtd 27/09/2023

POS Counter Updates

1. Dimensional Information Capture:
Now, in the CSI POS application, you can capture dimensional information, including Length, Breadth, Height, Diameter, and shape (Cuboid or Cylinder) of the article at the time of Retail/BULK Booking. This data is essential for Volumetric weight Calculation. Note that this functionality is not applicable for international bookings.
2. Mandatory Mobile Numbers:

Sender and Recipient mobile numbers are now mandatory for Retail/Bulk/Emo Booking. For international mail, only the sender's mobile number is required.
3. Discontinuation of Late Fee:

Late fee charges have been discontinued in compliance with a Departmental order.
4. GST Application:
Starting from October 1st, 2023, GST is applicable to a range of services, including.
1) Aadhaar update Fee,
2) Customer address verification,
3) Bill mail service, Registered Book Packet,
4) Business Reply Permit,
5) BRP Envelope,
8) Business Reply Permit Renew,
9) Direct Post,
10) Sale of Durga Malleswaram Swamy Prasadam,
11) Magazine post,
12) E-Payment,
13) International Air Parcel,
14) Registered International M Bag,
15) Registered Foreign Letter,
16) Registered International Printed Papers,
17) International SAL Parcel,
18) Registered International Small Packet,
19) Aerogramme International,
20) International Tracked Packet Service,
21) Registered Letter, Media Post - Passbook, Registered Printed Book,
22) Registered Periodical,
23) Postbag and Postbox New,
24) Postbag and Postbox Renew,
25) Postbox New,
26) Registered Pattern and Sample Packet,
27) Rakhi Mail Service,
28) Registered Newspaper - Bundle,
29) Registered Newspaper,
37) Business Post.

5. HSCODE Requirement:
HSCODE is now mandatory for all international mail bookings destined to Ireland.
6. New International Bulk Booking Services:
The release introduces new international Bulk booking services, including Registered International Printed Papers, Registered International M Bag, International Blind Literature, and Aerogramme International.
7. Custom Postbox Selection:

Counter PA now has the flexibility to select the POSTBOX number of their choice from the available dropdown during POSTBOX New registration.
8. Payment Mode Restrictions:
During Contractual BNPL Bulk booking, all payment modes except BNPL will be disabled by default. Counter PA cannot accept payments in cash or other payment modes.
9. Value-Added Services (VAS):
VAS services such as AD, VP, INS, etc., can now be added to receipts if there is available space on the receipt.
10. Mandatory City and State:
City and State have been made mandatory fields for PDA (Philately Deposit Account) opening.

Back Office Updates
1. Detailed Booking Report:
A newly modified detailed report is now available for Retail/Bulk booking. This report includes information on Volumetric weight, Length, Breadth, Height, Diameter, and shape of the article.
2. Bulk Customer-wise Booking Report:
Under the "Customer Booking report" in the Back Office, you can now access a Bulk Customer-wise Booking report for better insights and management.
3. Local Pin-code Master Report:
Another valuable addition is the Local pin-code master report, which provides essential information about local pin-codes.
4. Deletion of Pending Articles:

Users can now delete pending articles that have already been dispatched with the introduction of the "Deletion pending Article" feature under Back-office > IPVS.

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