PoS Bulk File Generator Ver 6.11 (Compatible with POS 4.9 update)


This tool can be used to process bulk articles and create Excel files to be uploaded in CSI POS. It is designed in such a way to make faster data entry with ease. With this tool COD, BNPL, Prepaid Bulk with PS or SS or FM bulk articles can be processed on a batch by batch basis.

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  •  M.S Office
  •  Generate invoice for bulk booking.
  •  Fixed issue with booking franked Speed Post articles.
  •  A Separate file will be generated for Speed Post articles that weigh more than 500g.
  •  Checksum Validation Bug fixed.
  •  Shortcuts added for faster field navigation.
  •  Performance improved. Minor bugs fixed.
  •  PIN Code directory updated.
  •  Auto-populate Barcode Number without scanning (optional)
  •  Generate Address Label with Barcode Number.
  •  Process Excel file prepared by the Customer.
  •  Process Excel file prepared by the Customer by Ref No/Barcode No.
  •  Option added for viewing items pending for processing, in Reports Menu.
  •  Print option added in Reports Menu.
  •  Integrated postage rate calculation for Speed Post & Registered Articles. New
  •  Option to Update the PIN Code Directory. New
  •  Convert Excel data received from Bulk Customer to POS standard format. New
  •  Option for Auto Suggestions on address fields. New
  •  Compatible with POS 4.9 update. New

Developed By,
Sooraj K S

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